A Fresher Underarm Solution: Introducing Omno’s Luxurious, Eco-Friendly Deodorant Line

A Fresher Underarm Solution: Introducing Omno’s Luxurious, Eco-Friendly Deodorant Line

Kuala Lumpur, 23 April 2024 – According to The Star, more than half of people in Malaysia (53.9%) keep themselves active and healthy with at least one physical activity. While this is great news for our overall well being, all this exercise naturally leads to a lot of physical exertion. With heat waves declared in 48 areas across Peninsular Malaysia, Malaysians’ determination to keep being active poses another challenge: an increase in the issues of perspiration and body odour, which means that the emphasis on effective and environmentally conscious personal care has never been more critical. Here, Singaporean wellness and beauty brand Omno is proud to present its solution that combines luxury with sustainability – its new, eco-friendly, and natural deodorant line.

Omno’s deodorants are available in three options. For one, the delicate Pureform is perfect for individuals of all ages, as well as those with sensitive skin, as it is unscented. As for the two scented options, firstly, there is the earthy Moonatic, designed to invoke the sense of a moonlit forest with its blend of petitgrain, cypress oil, and sage. Finally, there’s also the invigorating Revival, which boasts a harmonious blend of citrus zest and floral elegance infused with orange, jasmine, and cedarwood.

“We understand, of course, that sweating is a natural response to exercise and heat that actually helps our bodies to regulate temperature,” Omno says. “However, we also know that sweating profusely can lead to body odour issues, and that this can be a worrying and even distressing problem for many. We wanted to create products that not only address this pain point and make you smell fantastic, but also are good for your skin’s health, as well as the environment as a whole through the use of natural, plant-based ingredients.”

A Fresher Underarm Solution: Introducing Omno’s Luxurious, Eco-Friendly Deodorant Line

Functionally, body odour occurs when sweat is broken down by the bacteria on our skin, and specific enzymes from these bacteria then metabolise the sweat. Unfortunately, many deodorants available on the current market include chemical-laden antiperspirants that use ingredients like aluminium, talc, and parabens. These kinds of ingredients have the potential to lead to issues down the line, like clogged pores, skin irritation, and even hormonal imbalances.

Omno’s offerings, however, are natural deodorants that work by neutralising the odour-causing bacteria and absorbing moisture through plant-based ingredients like triethyl citrate and polyglyceryl-2 caprate. Essentially, these ingredients inhibit the “sweat binding site” on the bacteria, preventing them from metabolising the sweat in the first place. This approach maintains the balance of the skin’s ecosystem and allows Omno’s customers to feel fresh and confident all day long.

With Omno, customers can choose the perfect deodorant size for their lifestyle. The 50ml option, starting at RM59, is ideal for carrying in your bag, while the 120ml size is perfect for keeping at home. For added convenience, Omno also offers a pocket-sized 5ml version. As a bonus, the use of ingredients like hyaluronic acid and hydrolysed pea protein are designed to hydrate and brighten underarm skin, as well as increase the skin’s defence against light-induced damage.

Additionally, Omno is committed to using high-quality, natural ingredients in its products, with a substantial number of them being approved by COSMetic Organic and Natural Standard (COSMOS), an organisation that sets certification requirements for organic and natural cosmetic products.

Essentially, with Omno’s new line of deodorants, Malaysians can keep our underarms super healthy while smelling great. Through these natural, luxurious sprays, Omno aims to redefine the Malaysian expectation of deodorant with products that not only protect but pamper, infusing our daily routine with the essence of elegance and environmental respect.

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