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BZU BZU is one of the fastest-growing baby & kids personal care brands in e-commerce platforms such as Shopee and Lazada.

300% Revenue Growth In 3 Years: How This Founder Took On The Goliaths Of The Family Care Product Industry 

Few people know this but skin sensitivity is a common problem in Malaysia. In fact, 1 in 2 (50%) Malaysians struggle with at least one sign of skin sensitivity. As a prevalent issue for Malaysian families (especially during COVID-19 due to mask-wearing and excessive sanitising!), you’d think that, by now, we can easily find effective products to remedy and treat skin irritation symptoms. 

If this was the case, Raphael Jiang wouldn’t have found his purpose to establish BZU BZU, a homegrown family care brand, after witnessing a close friend’s struggle with her newborn a few years ago.

Raphael Jiang, Founder and CEO of BZU BZU
Raphael Jiang, Founder and CEO of BZU BZU

Raphael noticed that his friend had exhausted all means to find baby-friendly products that promised the best of ingredients and formulations. Many times, these promises became mere marketing-speak when results failed to manifest. 

And get this — the tried products are not your average run of the mill products, but established global brands with premium price tags. The incident only got Raphael thinking about the financial burdens inflicted on innocent parents who only want the best for their children, only to be disappointed when these pricey products fail to work.

Upon further research, Raphael found that many of these brands contain carcinogenic ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate (or SLS, a common agent to create bubbles) and talcum that, while alleviating skin irritation, can also turn harmful with prolonged use. 

While armed with a stellar skincare background, family care products were uncharted territories for Raphael. More than that, his products need to stand out from the ‘Goliaths’ of the industry — a challenge that daunted him. But he was confident in his vision and the demand for a brand that offers natural, effective, and most importantly, affordable family-centric products, so much so that he poured almost all of his life savings to make it happen.

Everyday baby products like shampoo and body wash were up on his list. Even so, the formulation process for the first batch of products took almost 3 years and more than 30 reformulations to perfect — due to the arduous process involved when partnering with international testing bodies like SGS, a world’s leading quality certification organisation based in Geneva, Switzerland. 

His dedication to perfect his formulations for the comfort of families did not stop BZU BZU to now offer more than 30 product ranges. And despite the painstaking selection of premium ingredients of the best quality, their product prices are 30% to 70% less than many renowned products.

As testament to its efficacy, BZU BZU, which was launched during the pandemic, witnessed a 300% growth in sales revenue from 2020 to 2022, adding that the sales revenue in Q1 2022 tripled that of Q1 2021’s. 

Testament to its excellence, BZU BZU was awarded the “Best Baby Skin Care Brand” by SuperMom and “Best Baby Brand” by BabyTalks and PapaMama Reader’s Digest in 2021. BZU BZU products are widely available in notable and trusted retail channels including pharmacies, supermarkets, baby and maternity stores, clinics and hospitals. Moving forward, the brand aims to expand its footprints to Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand as well as exploring the Middle East market by Q4.

As he endeavors to uplift the lives of families by providing more affordable, safe and clean family care products, we would like to invite you to speak with Raphael Jiang, CEO & Co-Founder of BZU BZU on the following points: 

  • Raphael’s background in the FMCG and the beauty product industry and his subsequent journey in establishing BZU BZU
  • Raphael’s inspiration to build his own family care brand after a real life encounter
  • Insights on the family care brand and products industry in Malaysia
  • What makes BZU BZU products more unique compared to other brands?
  • The challenges Raphael has faced in all his entrepreneurial ventures
  • Raphael’s proudest milestones in his journey as a serial entrepreneur
  • Raphael’s short-term and long-term visions for BZU BZU moving forward
  • How he aims to continue providing a wide range of safe and natural products for every family’s need