3 Reasons Why You Should #SwitchTo5G with Yes

Feeling frustrated at sluggish download speeds? Tired of staring at endless spinning wheels while watching videos online? Worry not – the ultra-fast 5G network has finally landed in Malaysia, and nationwide coverage is rolling out quicker than you think! It’s time for you to get on board the 5G train and enjoy the best of what this new generation of mobile networks has to offer, and what better way to upgrade than with the new Yes Infinite and Yes Infinite+ mobile plans?

As the nation’s very first telco to offer 5G, Yes knows more than a thing or two about the 5G landscape in Malaysia, and they’re committed to enabling easy access to 5G plans to Malaysians nationwide. So, why should you #SwitchTo5G with Yes?

1. It’s the cheapest and fastest way to access 5G

The Yes Infinite and Yes Infinite+ mobile plans go beyond the unlimited plans currently available in the market, by giving you a truly ‘Infinite’ experience without any throttling of speed – what Yes calls ‘Infinite’ high-speed data, for both 4G and 5G.

Plus, starting at just RM58/month, these new plans are truly affordable without compromising your connectivity. At an average price of RM0.30 per GB, they are 300% cheaper than the 4G market standard with 20x faster speeds! What’s even better is that Yes are the first in the industry, setting a new standard with the affordable cost of their plans – so you won’t get prices better than this.

2. Get a 5G-compatible smartphone from Yes’ mobile partners for FREE

Holding off on making the switch because your current phone doesn’t support 5G? With the new plans, you can get a 5G-compatible smartphone completely FREE from Yes’ mobile partners OPPO, Samsung, vivo and Xiaomi with a 36-month contract! Depending on the tier of Yes Infinite+ plan of your choice, you’ll be able to choose a brand new 5G smartphone at just one price with capped costs.

If you’re stuck on what to do with your old device after making the switch, you can even trade in your old phone with Yes to get instant cash! Yes is here to make your transition to the 5G lifestyle as smooth as possible.

3. NO upfront payment, NO hidden charges, NO bill shock and NO FUP!

You read that right – with Yes’ Infinite and yes Infinite+ plans, you’re getting all of the benefits with none of the frills. What you see is what you get, and you’ll be able to enjoy unlimited 5G and 4G data, unlimited calls, and a free 5G smartphone at the exact cost as advertised. Yes is also bringing you these new plans with NO Fair Use Policy (FUP). This means you won’t need to worry about any pesky speed caps once you’ve hit a certain usage limit – so you can experience true connectivity, infinitely.

Since its initial implementation in December 2021 in Putrajaya, Cyberjaya and Kuala Lumpur, the availability of 5G services is quickly expanding across the nation, with DNB’s target to reach approximately 40% coverage in populated areas by the end of this year. This means 5G coverage will soon be accessible in many populated areas in Malaysia, with Yes and their 5G offerings supporting the rollout every step of the way.

Don’t wait any longer! Switch to 5G with Yes Infinite and Yes Infinite+ mobile plans. The Basic plan starts at RM58/month, while the Standard, Premium and Ultra plans are priced at RM88/month, RM118/month and RM178/month. Get it now at https://bit.ly/Switch-To-5G, or sign up at any Yes stores or partner stores.

For more information about Yes mobile and broadband plans, kindly visit www.yes.my.

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