28 May is Menstrual Hygiene Day 2020: Kotex rallies women to end period stigma and poverty

Kotex Malaysia furthers contribution to B40 communities to expand menstrual hygiene education and access

Kimberly-Clark and Kotex are sponsors of Menstrual Hygiene Day, a global awareness program, supported by over 500 social-impact organisations, aimed at bringing global attention to the lack of menstrual hygiene management access, education, and sanitation affecting millions of women and girls. The current pandemic has further aggravated these issues, especially the plight of period poverty. This Menstrual Hygiene Day, Kotex Malaysia partners with Vimala Kanagaratnam’s Project Red Dot, Selangor & Wilayah Persekutuan Family Reproductive Health Association (SWP FReHA) and Community Transformation Initiative to provide access to menstrual hygiene education and products to women and girls from B40 communities.

Kotex Malaysia is calling for all women and girls this Menstrual Hygiene Day to partake in the #It’sTimeForAction social media movement in an effort to raise awareness and normalise conversations around menstrual hygiene. Through the posting and sharing of the ‘Menstruation Bracelet’, they seek to build a global symbol for menstrual hygiene and thus act as a catalyst for social change. For each participation, Kotex through the #KotexSheCanFund, will donate 1 pack of Kotex feminine hygiene products to women and girls in the B40 communities.

The movement to end period stigma and poverty is part of a global effort, the Kotex She Can Initiative, which is being launched to mark the brand’s 100 year anniversary. The Kotex She Can Initiative aims to fight stigmas within society, ensure access to education, and open doors for women and girls to pursue their dreams.

100 Years of Supporting Women

Kimberly-Clark’s and Kotex’s commitment to supporting women and menstrual hygiene was born from insights of women working as war-time nurses more than 100 years ago, who stitched together hygiene pads made from Kimberly-Clark’s cellucotton bandages so they could stay on the front lines during their period. When the Kotex brand was introduced in 1920, the stigma attached to menstruation required it to be sold in a plain, unmarked box behind a pharmacy counter.

One hundred years later, the company and the Kotex brand remain focused on eradicating period stigmas, improving access to feminine hygiene supplies and improving key outcomes for women and girls in the areas of education and overall health and wellness.


The stigma attached to menstruation or simply the lack of access to products still keep millions of women and girls from pursuing their dreams. Through the #KotexSheCanFund, the leading feminine intimate care brand partners with women to help them realize their passion, enrich their lives, and the ones around them. Representing Southeast Asia, the Malaysian #KotexSheCanFund is part of the brand’s global effort, Kotex She Can Initiative.

#KotexSheCanFund has recently supported Vimala’s Project Red Dot, Selangor & Wilayah Persekutuan Family Reproductive Health Association (SWP FReHA) and Community Transformation Initiative with over 600 packs of Kotex Feminine Hygiene products, amounting to close to 10,000 pads, which were distributed to women and girls in B40 communities – in the spirit of championing women and their progress.

While period poverty remains an issue affecting the community at large, Kotex and the #KotexSheCanFund aims to continuously empower women and girls to manage her menstruation safely, with confidence and without shame.

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